Photo from Texas Eclipse Festival Website
Texas Eclipse Festival Website Photo from Texas Eclipse Festival Website

The upcoming eclipse on April 8 is shaping up to be one of the biggest events of the year in the U.S. It is estimated that an estimated 31 million people already live inside the path of totality — the track of the moon's shadow across Earth's surface — with many more planning to move across the country in what is projected to be the biggest travel event in history. And a certain festival in Texas is bound to be one of the largest destinations contributing to the record.

The Texas Eclipse Festival is a 5-day event that will be taking place in a campground in the city of Burnet, just an hour away from Austin. Besides being a perfect spot to experience the "full totality" of the eclipse, the festival offers a mix of music, tech and art. All in all there will be over 300+ performances and participants who, as the press release puts it, "will offer a diverse range of experiences, including holistic and movement workshops, psychedelic sessions and the wonders of nature, transforming the raw land into a thriving Global Eclipse Village of creativity, insight, and inspiration."

The event will feature an eclectic mix of musical acts (like Tycho, Vulfpeck, Zed's Dead, Barclay Crenshaw, Bob Moses, Paul Oakenfold, Lee Burridge, Mark Farina, Seth Troxler) space explorers (astronauts from Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, DearMoon, NASA), leading technology innovators and even swamis from the world of yoga and mindfulness such as Hannah Muse, Jai Dev and Yogi Zain.

There will also be some immersive art courtesy of Meow Wolf, Black Rock Observatory, Re:WILD and Flow Piano Soundbath.

Besides the flair and entertainment, the event is billing itself as something even bigger and more impactful, taking a cue from the once-in-a-lifetime vibes that surround a massive event like an eclipse. The press release for the Festival speaks of "a space where the universal values of unity, diversity, and exploration are not just celebrated but lived" and "the ultimate global destination event to witness the celestial phenomenon" that "caters not only to eclipse chasers but also to families, friends, and festival lovers offering a curated experience that encourages discovery, exploration, and participation."

And judging by the amount of people expected to attend, the Texas Eclipse Festival seems to be striking a chord. The event is expected to receive an average of 40 thousand people a day on the grounds of Reveille Peak Ranch, a 1,200-acre space. Two-day general admission passes cost $249, plus applicable fees, three-day general admission passes cost $299, plus applicable fees and four-day general admission passes cost $349, plus applicable fees.

The Texas Eclipse Festival
The Texas Eclipse Festival Photo from Texas Eclipse Festival Website

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