Tierra de Reyes episode 51, Sofia gets a job from Beatriz. Beatriz puts Arturo in charge of the ranch while she goes away for a trip to Europe. The time goes by and Sofia enjoys her relationship with Arturo. Andrea on the other hand continues to torture herself thinking about Samuel. Flavio tells Irina that her that this is her last chance to escape if not she will have to get married. Patricia with illusion that she will record her first album but now finds out that this means she will have to give her body to pay for the favor. The employees of Beatriz are frustrated to see that the treatment that she is receiving in Europe is working. Eleazar and the maid inject a drug in Beatriz IV to kill her.

Irina about to leave the house is stopped by her mother Cayetana. Arturo and Sofia suffer an accident and his breaks stopped working in his jeep which leaves Sofia unconscious. The doctors get to stabilize Beatriz. While Patricia fights off the music producer who tries to rape her and he ends up bleeding in the floor. Patricia calls Ulises and he tells her that he will help her. Sofia wakes up in the hospital and starts to bleed. Cayetana wakes up startled with a bad feeling about Sofia. Arturo finds out that Sofia is bleeding internally and that there are possibilities that she can lose the baby. Sofia and Arturo find out that the baby is ok and that they are having a boy. Tierra de Reyes airs Monday thru Friday at 9pm ET on Telemundo. Take a look at a preview of tonight's episode.