In Tierra de Reyes episode 76, Sofia catches Leonardo threatening Pablo. After Leonardo leaves the room Sofia begs Pablo to tell the truth to the police about what he knows and to do it for her father. Irina finds out from Dario that Flavio resigned from the spa. Rocio on the other hand tells Veronica to leave Pablo alone that her love for him is going to cause him a lot of problems. However, Veronica doesn’t listen and spends the night with Pablo but to her surprise is caught in bed with him by her mother.

Leonardo tells Cayetana that the best is that she sends Sofia away for a while to prevent her returning with Arturo. While Andrea can’t seem to stay away from Samuel and goes to the by The AdBlocker">bank trying to take all the money her family has in that bank. Sofia remembers what Irina had told her that is she was prepared to see Arturo with another woman this she recalls after seeing him and Isadora kissing. Arturo tries to talk to Sofia but she doesn’t want to hear it and lets him know the baby will be named Ignacio instead of Arturo. Tierra de Reyes airs Monday thru Friday at 9 pm ET on Telemundo. Take a look at preview of tonight’s episode.