For a single man who planned to date someone from Tinder, it will have to be done on a different day. For now, he needs to squirm out of the hole he found himself in after getting arrested at the East Midlands Airport.

The reality of it all is that the world is nowhere near normalcy due to the pandemic. Lockdown restrictions are still in place, something that varies in different parts of the world. The East Midland Airport is no exception and airport police arrested the unidentified man for breaching their lockdown protocols.

However, the man found himself in an even bigger mess when airport police discovered that he had a cannabis grinder and some drugs on him at the time. Hence, he faces even stiffer penalties for the whole thing.

“Male found tonight @EMA_Airport perimeter gates on a Tinder date in breach of covid restrictions. Also found in possession of small amount of drugs. Dealt with for both issues and his Tinder date had to be postponed. #StayHome,” the statement read via their official Twitter account.

When the Twitter post was put up, someone even responded in jest. He said: “Think you got that wrong. Not tinder.......grinder.”

The East Midland Airport police are doing their share as it tightens up security as they do their part in addressing the growing coronavirus problem.

The following day, they arrested a man who allegedly traveled from Mansfield just to watch planes. The unusual effort drew a hefty fine of £200 fine. This comes a week after they had confronted two people who drove to the airport to watch planes. Video footage of that incident was released via

Airport police are taking their laid-down protocols by heart, fair warning to locals and travelers who may want to reconsider testing how strict they are

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