Tiona Rodriguez made headline news when she was caught carrying a dead fetus in bag through a Manhattan Victoria's Secret. The 17-year-old will be going to trial on Jan. 23, 2014. On Oct. 17 a Victoria's Secret security guard stopped the Crown Heights teen and her friend on suspicion of shoplifting. When the guard checked the girls' shopping bags he found the dead fetus in Rodriguez's possession. The two teens were taken into police custody and charged with shoplifting. A medical examiner is trying to determine how the fetus died. The M.E's finding will determine if additional charges will be brought against the girl.

Lawyers for Rodriguez have refused to say how the dead baby ended up in Rodriguez's bag. When first questioned by police the girl told them she was carrying the remains because she did not know what to do with them. Rodriguez also said she is innocent of the shoplifting charges. Rodriguez's friend pleaded guilty to the shoplifting charge on Tuesday and was sentenced to two days of community service. Rodriguez was in court on Tuesday when a judge refused to toss out her shoplifting case.

There was no mention made of the dead male fetus during Tuesday's proceedings. After news broke of the dead fetus found in Rodriguez's bag reports came out saying the girl was receiving death threats. Rodriguez's lawyer told the NY Daily News the people had been sending death threats via Facebook. The page has since been shut down but before it was Rodriguez left a post that suggests she may have miscarried. Rodriguez told police she was six months along and miscarried. The M.E says the baby was 8-months developed and is looking at asphyxiation as a possible cause of death.

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