A one-year-old girl was accidentally shot by her older sister who got hold of an AR-15 assault rifle in Mississippi. The incident occurred at Ridgecrest Drive in Holly Springs and was left to the care of their aunt.

The mother of the kid was not at home at the time of the incident and it could not yet be established how the four-year-old child got hold of the rifle.

The one-year-old toddler is receiving treatment for the gunshot wound at Le Bonheur and is expected to make full recovery. The incident remains under investigation by authorities and child protective services, Fox News reported.

Neighbors who got word of the incident were thankful to hear that the toddler would make full recovery. However, Catressa Malone who lives next door where the shooting takes place could not help but feel sorry about the incident. Other neighbors were praying for the child.

“It just breaks my heart as a parent. It truly breaks my heart as a parent to see them suffer,” Malone said. “My heart truly goes out to the parents and the auntie that was here and we definitely will be praying for the baby and hope she has a speedy recovery,” she added.

This comes one week after a five-year-old boy shot himself in the chest in Ohio when he somehow got hold of her mother’s loaded gun. The firearm was discharged and went off at the Weiland Park area of Columbus.

The boy was taken to the Nationwide Children's Hospital by his mother and a friend after getting shot in his upper right chest. The swift action taken by the elders allowed medical personnel to help stabilize the child as reported in a previous post.

The case is deemed an accidental shooting and it has yet to be determined how the child got hold of the gun.

Gun Crime Photo illustration of a crime. Alexas Fotos/ Pixabay