A foster mom in Los Angeles has been arrested on Friday, Oct. 29, after she allegedly beat up her foster child so much that he went into a coma. The toddler's condition has prompted his family members to call for an investigation regarding the mother.

Gabriela Casarez from Norwalk, California, has been arrested and charged with assault and child abuse after a foster child who was in her care was beaten so badly that he went into a coma. The boy is still in critical condition as he battles for his life, according to NBC Los Angeles.

“No kid deserves this under anybody's care,” Maria Jacinto, the aunt of the unnamed foster child, said. “If you were invested in these kids or looked out for these kids, this wouldn't happen.”

Michael Alder, who is representing Jacinto on behalf of the foster child, has called this a failure of the government and the system and is demanding a thorough investigation regarding the child’s welfare before he was comatose, ABC 7 reported.

“We have no evidence that he was with anyone other than this foster family and there’s clear evidence that he was tortured and beaten into a coma,” Adler said of the case. “Like every parent, you’re just horrified beyond belief. You don’t understand one, how it happened, but, two, why someone would do this.”

Alder has also been questioning the Department of Children and Family Services, asking why they were unable to see the signs of abuse, especially since the child has been under their care since April, according to KTLA.

“Family Services and the sheriff's department of L.A. County are responsible for following up to make sure that foster parents are not abusing the children they're taking care of,” Adler said.

The DCFS has denied neglecting their duties and not checking up on the foster kids under their care, saying that they have been largely vigilant against the possible abusive behaviors that foster parents could have.

“DCFS thoroughly investigates allegations of caretaker abuse and neglect and, when appropriate, works closely with law enforcement to ensure children remain safe and that substantiated allegations are swiftly addressed in a court of law,” they said in a press statement.

Casarez remains in custody with a $1.2 million bond.

Gabriela Casarez, a foster mother in Los Angeles, has been arrested on Friday after she reportedly beat her foster child so much that he went into a coma. This is a representational image. Richard Catabay/Unsplash.

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