The latest "Tokyo Revengers" manga installment is now out, and it features wild combat between Rokuhara Tandai and Brahman, with Mikey passively watching the action develop.

The appearance of Mikey and Kantou Manji Gang as Rokuhara Tandai and Brahman prepare to battle was depicted in the most recent manga edition of "Tokyo Revengers." Takemichi informs Mikey that he is unable to fight at this time. Meanwhile, Takeomi exclaims that the battle is for Draken, South yells that the combat is about to begin, and Haruchiyo orders his group to kill everyone.

Senju, Brahman's top dog, is opposed to the battle and tries to halt the gang, but Takeomi has a different opinion. Senju's brother is furious because he believes Kantou Manji abandoned Draken.

Mikey, on the other hand, maintains his composure and is simply standing behind Koko, observing the situation. Mikey thinks they should leave the rest to Hiruchiyo, and Koko asks whether they're going to make a move.

Mikey is unconcerned about Draken's death, which surprises Koko. Mikey simply responds, "about what?" when he asks him about it.

South Terano appears to be looking forward to the fight and opts to settle the fight with Brahman first. He also like it when Takeomi gets a little rowdy.

Senju orders Takeomi to calm down and tries to stop her brother. Waka, on the other hand, appears and tells her not to get involved in the battle because someone's life has just been taken.

He also requests Takemichi to look after their princess (Senju) for them, before summoning Benkei to join the fight. Meanwhile, Takeomi rushes to attack South but is stopped by several Rokuhara.

Takeomi, per Digital Crime, is enraged and asks South why he needs to kill Draken, who isn't even a full-fledged Brahman member. He also informs Rokuhara's top dog that if anyone should be killed, it should be him, not Draken.

South launches a Fortessimo attack at Takeomi, but Benkie intercepts it before it lands. South's attack is mocked by Benkei as being too weak for someone of his size.

Waka then leaps in and throws South to the ground. He informs the South that Rokuhara should take care of them, which makes South happy. Terano smiles, and Coyly reveals that he is now fighting the Black Dragon gang's first-generation members.

Mikey appears to be unaware of Draken's fate, or at least that's what he wants others to believe. He hasn't done anything yet, possibly because he is taking his time and believes that for the time being, just watching is the best option.

Mikey will most likely make a move in "Tokyo Revengers" 226. After learning about Draken's tragic end, readers may witness him fight in the next chapter.

The continuous conflict between South, Waka, and Benkei could potentially be depicted in the forthcoming manga installment. It could also indicate the end of the current arc.

The following arc is expected to focus on Black Dragon. Therefore, Chapter 225 could be a prologue to that. Aside from that, the next chapter may have Takemichi conversing with Mikey.

There's a lot that might happen in the hit manga series, and some fans are worried that Waka will die in the following chapters.

Every week, a new chapter is released, and "Tokyo Revengers" 226 will be released on October 13, assuming there is no delay. Insiders normally reveal spoilers between Friday and Sunday, while raw scans are usually released on Tuesday night.

Manga fans should check out Kodansha's official release. "Free For All" is the title of the most recent chapter in the series.

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