“One Piece” Chapter 1028 is just around the corner and fans have plenty of reasons to be excited about this chapter.

For fans who are having second thoughts on knowing the events that will transpire in this chapter, this is the time to do so. The next part will contain spoilers about the upcoming chapter.

In a recent leak, the chapter starts with the CP-0 talking about their two objectives on Wano Country. First, in a scenario where Kaido loses, they will seize control of Wano. Instead of making them an affiliated country, the government wants the entire country under their rule. Second, they will capture Nico Robin.

Several warships are now on their way to Wano under WG's order, and the mysterious character is actually Rob Lucci. He is accompanied by Stussy and Kaku.

The mysterious character asked the CP-0 leader about the battlefield's state. The latter said it's down to 12,000 soldiers for Kaido versus 8,000 for the Samurai alliance.

The scene shifts to Yamato and Momonosuke trying to prevent Onigashima from falling to the flower capital. Momonosuke is struggling to create flame clouds powerful enough to stop the island from crashing. In Yamato's estimate, they only have five minutes left before that happens.

Thinking of ways to lessen the damage, she decides to get rid of all the weapons and explosives stored in the island. She encounters Law's crew in the process.

Cut to the “Live Floor” in Onigashima's castle, Queen (in his hybrid form) and Sanji keep fighting. Queen attacks Sanji with a new attack called “Brypan” (Coming Wind Fist) with which he strikes with his claws and attacks with his sword at the same time. Sanji parries and dodges the attacks the best he can.

Queen provokes Sanji to use his raid suit. Sanji gets up without paying any attention to Queen, he still thinks to himself that he really feels something is off with his body.

Queen gets tired and shoots his “Black Coffee” attack. Sanji jumps and dodges it, then attacks Queen with his “Diable Jambe - Bien Cuit: Grill Shot” which burns Queen's stomach and sends him flying.

Queen stands up and transforms into his animal form. Sanji wonders what he must do to damage Queen since dinosaurs are very tough.

Queen decides to take things seriously and transforms to what he calls a "Brachio Snake." Queen's neck and tail shoot out from his body, leaving his legs and torso behind. Everyone present on the Live Floor (Izou, Marco, Kawamatsu, Chopper, Hyo, the Yakuza...) are shocked. They put "Enel's face" when they see what Queen has done.

His spontaneous attacks capture Sanji. He aims to crush him with brute force. Queen brags that even the strongest Armanent Haki users are crushed by this technique.

True to his word, Sanji came out disfigured. However, to everyone's surprise, Sanji's body healed itself and was back to normal in no time. He tells himself that he doesn't want this power awakened, as this will make him like them.

While Sanji is distracted, Queen attacks him with a sword and hits the cook's neck. However, the sword got broken upon hitting Sanji. The chapter ends with Queen extremely shocked with the events that are transpiring.

According to the leakers, there will be a break next week. The chapter is expected to arrive within three days.

One Piece
Luffy can defeat Kaido in "One Piece," according to a fan theory. One Piece/Facebook

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