The first season of “Tokyo Revengers” wrapped up in September and anime fans are left hanging. Although a second season has yet to be officially announced, showrunners have more than enough reason to build on one.

Backing that possibility of seeing “Tokyo Revengers” season 2 is the fact that there were a lot of plots and twists hanging in the balance. Most of it was the doing of the main protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki who complicated matters by trying to alter events from the past through time travel.

When the first season of “Tokyo Revengers” premiered, anime fans saw Takemichi, an unemployed man who had an unhappy life. The story starts when he was only 14-years-old and becomes involved in a Tokyo Maji Gang known as Toman.

Toman is led by Manjiro Sano or better known as Mikey. He is always accompanied by Draken, another key figure in the gang.

Takemichi finds out that his former girlfriend and younger brother were killed by the gang when the first season of “Tokyo Revengers” got underway. But getting the chance to travel back in time, he tries to warn his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana before the murders took place.

From there, Takemichi traveled from the present to 12 years back, trying to rectify the violent events before they would happen. But at some point, things take a different turn and leave Takemichi in a dire predicament.

Takemichi ends up with his life on the line, caught in the middle of a tricky situation just as the first season came to a close.

Now, most are wondering what lies ahead for Takemichi. He is certainly not dead and more twisting time travels are likely for the second season of “Tokyo Revengers.”

Considering the manga has now become the third-best-selling series in the first half of 2021, the stage for another season is undoubtedly set.

Seeing how the first season started in April 2021 and ended in September, a safe forecast is to see “Tokyo Revengers” season 2 premier between the middle of 2022 or early 2023. Nothing has been made official so all anime fans can do for now is just wait.

Tokyo Revengers
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