Tom Brady made a big decision when he decided to unretire from professional football and there will be repercussions. Unfortunately, it appears that would involve his marriage to former Victoria's Secret model Gisele Bundchen.

Brady has already hired lawyers on his end, same with Bundchen. Beyond that, it remains to be seen what would come next. However, it doesn’t take a genius to know that this is headed in an ugly direction – something that the 45-year-old NFL player does not want.

“He wants to protect himself, protect his interests, but he’s only starting to go the legal route in his defense from her. He doesn’t want this to be ugly, he doesn’t want to fight. If the divorce is happening — and it seems like it is — he wants it to go as smoothly as possible,” an unnamed source told People.

It was on Tuesday this week when Page Six revealed that Brady and Bundchen had hired divorce lawyers. It appears the legal representations will now look at how the split of Brady and Bundchen will be. This includes a $26 million property portfolio at the top of other lucrative assets.

Beyond that, there are also kids to think about. The couple has a 12-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter. There is also Jack, a 15-year-old that Brady had from a previous relationship.

Brady continues to play pro football with Bundchen yet to attend any of them. The closest feeler that the seven-time Super Bowl champion was well-wishes via Twitter to Brady and the Buccaneers when they opened their NFL season against the Dallas Cowboys last month.

Both have been living separately and the road ahead looks pretty messy. For Brady, it will be interesting if his decision to unretire will be worth it. Bundchen took exception to the move, particularly due to the injuries that the five-time Super Bowl MVP has had throughout his career – including past concussions.

Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen
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