At some point in his career, NFL star Tom Brady is bound to end up doing his show or commentary like any other retired pro athlete. Seeing how the many-time Super Bowl champion wants to continue playing, that may take years.

Regardless, it is no secret that people like Brady deserve the proper attention. In the dawn of social media, that includes making sure they are linked and spread properly.

ESPN has been known to be used to doing this without many problems. That is until recently when the 44-year-old NFL icon put up a Twitter post that contained a swipe against the network.

Brady’s post read: “Apparently gone are the days of including the link to the show…”

For ESPN and any other network, that is a big mistake – especially if it involves a big star like Brady. It may have been an oversight but the fact remains that Brady is irked. Having to do that on his own is a bad sign, particularly on the part of ESPN.

Then again and with years of playing, the issue (if there is any) may eventually die down. ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter tried to make up for it although the shortcoming has already been done.

Despite focusing on the coming NFL season, Brady has been known to be busy with shows and social media. It may be a petty issue for now but something that groups like ESPN may try to remedy.

For now, Brady is focusing on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 2 match with the Atlanta Falcons. The future Hall of Famer has yet to address the response of Schefter and may probably not.

For their part, it is also a mystery why ESPN never made an effort to address the whole thing, making the issue a whole lot more colorful.

Tom Brady, Nancy Frates, Julie Frates, Pete Frates
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady talks with Nancy Frates, Julie Frates and Pete Frates on Opening Day at Fenway Park on April 13, 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts. Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

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