Nothing is definite as far as the boxing future of Manny Pacquiao is concerned. He is busy focusing on political issues hounding the Philippines. For two boxing greats, the eight-time division champion would best stick to that and believe that it may be time to wrap his successful boxing career.

Hopkins, a boxer who fought until the age of 50, feels that Pacquiao should focus on running for the Philippine presidency. He believes that the 42-year-old can do a lot for the Philippines when he spoke on ES News.

The final decision still falls on Pacquiao's shoulders. However, Hopkins believes that the boxer-senator should also learn to accept when he is done.

“Normally you gotta be honest with yourself and it’s the individual who know themselves more than anybody. More than anybody! The question should be ‘what you fighting for’. What was it all you are so fighting for?” Hopkins said.

It was pretty much the same narrative for Boxing Hall of Famer Christy Martin. The native of West Virginia appeared on the Sports For All PH podcast and said that no one can beat father time.

“You can’t beat father time and mother nature. Maybe father time caught up with Manny, but I haven’t really seen the fight so I cannot give an honest opinion,” Martin said.

In all, “The Coal Miner’s Daughter” believes Pacquiao has done more than enough for boxing. As far as she is concerned, the PacMan has nothing left to prove.

“He has made a lot of money, how many belts has he had? A future Hall of Famer, he has nothing left to prove,” she stated. “So why not just hang it up and just continue doing what you do? Do the politics, help the people. He has done enough for boxing,” the 53-year-old said.

Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao Getty Images | Steve Marcus