2022 was a year in sports we won’t soon forget. There was a plethora of memorable moments like Argentina winning the World Cup or the Warriors winning another ring, but there were some hilarious moments as well.

These are the top 10 sports bloopers of 2022:

1. Is this the worst soccer miss of all time?

2. One of the worst penalty kicks you’ll ever see.

3. Sean Murphy gets hit by pitch on his butt.

4. Umpire curses on TV

5. Seahawks player jumps on field mid-play to celebrate, then starts to block.

6. Wide open layup missed that could’ve won the game.

7. Fans yell at Westbrook not to shoot a 3.

8. Tommy Pham slaps Joc Pederson over fantasy football

9. Tom Izzo yells at refs while wearing Christmas sweater

10. The Dodgers' weird clubhouse celebration

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