Latin American Restaurants in Austin: Fonda San Miguel
Latin American Restaurants in Austin: Fonda San Miguel Fonda San Miguel's FacebooK

Austin offers exceptional options for upscale dining experiences, many of them Latin American restaurants inspired by cuisines from Mexico and other regions, including the Caribbean and South America.

This culinary abundance, especially from the Western Hemisphere, is no surprise due to the city's growing Latino population. Over 32.5% of Austin's residents identify as Latino or Hispanic, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The undeniable staple in Austin is Tex-Mex and Mexican food. In 2023, Yelp's guide released a list of the nation's top 15 taco towns with Austin taking first-place.

Here are The Latin Times' top recommendations for Latin American restaurants to explore in Austin, Texas.

Top 5 Latin American Restaurants in Austin, Texas

Mexican Food Restaurant in Austin: Fonda San Miguel
Mexican Food Restaurant in Austin: Fonda San Miguel Fonda San Miguel's FacebooK

1. Salvadorian Food Restaurant: Gloria's Cuisine

Founded in April 1986 in Dallas, Gloria and José Fuentes transformed their passion for Salvadorian cuisine into a lifelong career. Over the past 37 years, Gloria's Latin Cuisine, renowned for its fresh ingredients and innovative recipes, has expanded across Texas, offering signature dishes in locations such as Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

The menu showcases Salvadoran delights like Pupusas—handmade corn 'tortillas' stuffed with cheese, pork, or a combination—along with Yuca Salvadoreña, featuring fried yuca, garlic butter sauce, and 'curtido,' alongside some Mexican dishes. 'Tamales' are always among the Texan favorites for starters.

  • 2600 W. Seventh St., Fort Worth, TX

2. Mexican Food Restaurant: Fonda San Miguel

This Mexican food restaurant, set up by Tom Gilliland and Miguel Ravago in 1975, holds the distinction of being the first restaurant in Texas dedicated exclusively to authentic regional Mexican cuisine from culinary hubs within the country's interior, such as Oaxaca, Puebla, Veracruz, and Yucatán.

In a vibrant setting, adorned with an array of artwork crafted by up-and-coming Mexican artists, Fonda San Miguel presents a menu that showcases Acapulco-style ceviche, Puebla-style mole, mouthwatering enchiladas and delectable tacos.

  • 2330 W. North Loop, Austin, Texas

3. Cuban Food Restaurant: Habana SoCo

Habana SoCo, founded in 2001 by Ron and Yasbel Flores, is an Austin restaurant renowned for its authentic Cuban and Caribbean cuisine, cocktails, and cigars. The establishment, a celebration of Yasbel's Cuban heritage and a tribute to local Texan ingredients, meticulously crafts dishes from cherished family recipes.

The menu features the iconic Cuban sandwich, comprising ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and sometimes salami on Cuban bread. Additionally, there is seafood paella, as well as ceviche with fried plantains or the traditional 'arroz con pollo,' which is chicken with rice.

  • 2728 S Congress Ave, Austin, Texas

4. South American Food Restaurant: Casa Colombia

Despite its name, Casa Colombia is a restaurant aimed at sharing some of the most popular dishes from South American cuisine, although with a special focus on traditional Colombian food.

Located in the heart of Texas' capital city, this Latin American restaurant offers a wide variety of recipes ranging from Venezuelan 'patacones' made from green plantains, cut into slices, and then crushed to shape, to Peruvian ceviches, and 'ropa vieja,' a preparation based on shredded meat consumed in countries such as Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Spain, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Panama.

  • 2409 E 7th St, Austin, Texas

5. Mexican Food Restaurant: Cafe El Alma

Chef Alma Alcocer-Thomas often explains that she likes to approach the food as if guests were dining in her own home, a concept featured in each recipe on Cafe El Alma's menu.

The restaurant presents a vibrant take on the contemporary flavors of Mexico, offering a diverse range of dishes, including various tacos and enchiladas. But one of the chef's recommendations is Cafe El Alma's modern twist on 'Al Pastor,' featuring pork marinated in achiote, a tradition in Mexico City, served in a 'tostadita' form.

  • 4521 Westgate Blvd, Austin, Texas
  • 1025 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, Texas

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