Latin American restaurants are flourishing in Dallas, Texas.
Latin American restaurants are flourishing in Dallas, Texas. Corrientes 348's Facebook

Latin American restaurants, particularly those of Mexican origin, have flourished in Dallas, reflecting the growth of the Latino population in this Texas region, well-known for its iconic cowboy culture, a vibrant arts scene, and delectable Tex-Mex cuisine.

Dallas boasts the third-largest Hispanic population in Texas, with 1.08 million Latinos, trailing only Harris (2.13 million) and Bexar (1.26 million), according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As of July 2022, 41% of Dallas' 2,600,840 residents identified themselves as Latinos.

Here are The Latin Times' recommendations for Latin American restaurants in the city, ranging from Mexican tacos to the finest steaks grilled in Patagonian style. There are flavors for every palate.

Top 5 Latin American Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas

Latin American Restaurants: Argentinian 'empanadas'
Latin American Restaurants: Argentinian 'empanadas' at Corrientes 348. Corrientes 348's website

1. Mexican food restaurant: El Carlos Elegante

Forget about eating Mexican cuisine involving only tacos or fast food. The menu at El Carlos Elegante, chosen as the 'Restaurant of the Year' in the 2023 Eater Awards, features oysters, caviar, shrimp, and fine cuts of fish and steak grilled to perfection. Chef Ivan Aguilar's mission is to present elevated cuisine inspired by Mexican and South American culinary traditions in a fine dining ambiance.

"Patrons can enjoy large cuts of high-end, Argentinian-style wood-fired meats and fish, a stunning ceviche and crudo selection, house-made tortillas, as well as traditional and indigenous masa-based dishes relevant to the heart of Mexico. The restaurant also offers a seasonal craft cocktail menu and an outstanding Mezcal program, along with a global selection of wines and champagnes," details the restaurant's website.

  • 1400 North Riverfront Blvd, Dallas

2. Salvadorian Food Restaurant: Gloria's Cuisine

Founded in April 1986, Gloria and Jose Fuentes transformed their passion for Salvadorian cuisine into a lifelong career. Over the last 37 years, Gloria's Latin Cuisine, renowned for its fresh ingredients and innovative recipes, has expanded across Texas, providing signature dishes in locations such as Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio.

The menu showcases Salvadoran delights like Pupusas—handmade corn 'tortillas' stuffed with cheese, pork, or a combination of both—along with Yuca Salvadoreña, featuring fried yuca, garlic butter sauce, and 'curtido,' alongside some Mexican dishes. 'Tamales' are always among the Texan favorites for starters.

  • 3223 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, Texas
  • 3715 Greenville Ave, Dallas, Texas

3. Argentinian Food Restaurant: Corrientes 348

This steakhouse provides a distinctive experience featuring authentic 'asados,' Argentinian-style barbecue, and the culture of Buenos Aires. The restaurant takes its name from an address in that city mentioned in the popular tango "A Media Luz," sung by legendary Argentinian musician Carlos Gardel in the 1920s.

The menu showcases traditional dishes and some special options prepared with signature meats, including prime cuts from the most prestigious sources and producers, which undergoe meticulous scrutiny and a stringent selection process.

  • 1807 Ross Ave, Dallas, Texas

4. Tex-Mex food: Escondido Tex Mex Patio

Tacos, enchiladas, and margaritas are the featured highlights on the menu at Escondido, a family-friendly Tex-Mex restaurant located in the Preston Royal mall in Dallas. The patio and dining zones, designed in a resort-style, display Mexican tiles, comfortable booths, Otomi folk art and a window conveniently placed for takeout orders.

In a press release, owner Jon Alexis said: "We're not rewriting the Tex-Mex playbook." He emphasizes that the focus is on sharing his most-craved dishes and paying attention to small details, such as "sizzling fajitas" and "thin chips that don't crack," along with fresh lime juice in the drinks.

  • 5950 Royal Ln, Dallas, Texas

5. Colombian Food Restaurant: Sabor Latino

Fernando Castro Sanchez, the owner of this Colombian restaurant, serves dishes primarily inspired by the Valle del Cauca department, a jurisdiction equivalent to a state. This region is located on the Pacific coast in southwestern Colombia, his childhood home.

Sabor Latino also features popular Colombian dishes such as 'pastel de yuca' and 'bandeja paisa,' a substantial platter consisting of chicharrón, steak, sausage, creamy kidney beans, tangy coleslaw, sliced avocado, caramelized plantains and a fried egg.

  • 5431 East Grand Avenue, Dallas, Texas

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