Don Artemio Restaurant: Latin American Food in Fort Worth
Toro Toro: Latin American Food in Fort Worth Don Artemio Website

Latin American restaurants, especially Mexican ones, present a diverse array of options in Fort Worth's thriving dining scene, where Tex-Mex tacos have become a staple.

There's much more than arepas and burritos in this Texan city, where the Latino community has been rapidly growing in recent years. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately one-third of Fort Worth's population, around 900,000 people, identify as Hispanic or Latino.

Here are The Latin Times' recommendations for Latin American restaurants to visit, whether to celebrate Latino heritage or simply explore the colorful and delicious recipes passed down through generations in Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.

Top 5 Latin American Restaurants in Fort Worth, Texas

1. Mexican Food Restaurant: Don Artemio

Mexican Food Restaurant in Fort Worth: Don Artemio
Mexican Food Restaurant in Fort Worth: 'pulpo con chicharrón' in Don Artemio Don Artemio Facebook

Don Artemio, founded by Chef Juan Ramón Cárdenas, creates an elegant ambiance inspired by the traditional clay-brick houses of Saltillo, Mexico. The culinary space here expertly recreates the flavors of Northeast Mexico's cuisine, blending them with contemporary elements to the point that it was included among the 2023 James Beard nominees for the best new restaurant.

Highlights on the menu include 'Nopalitos Fritos'—delicate fried cactus tacos with a hint of bacon, served alongside heirloom maiz nixtamal tortillas. Another must-try is 'El Famoso "Chile Hojaldrado" V,' featuring a poblano chile stuffed with cream cheese and pecans, encased in puff pastry, and served over a flavorful tomato sauce.

  • 3268 West 7th Street, Fort Worth, Texas

2. Pan-Latin Food Restaurant: Toro Toro

"Across Latin America, food transcends mere sustenance; it evolves into an event, a celebration shared, savored, and enjoyed with the finest spirits. Join us in this ritual," advertises the menu of Toro Toro, a Pan-Latin restaurant that offers dishes from across the continent. They include Peruvian 'ceviche,' Brazilian-style wagyu picanha steak, Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Aguachile and Tres Leches Cake—popular in countries like Venezuela, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Colombia.

The restaurant is a venture led by the renowned Chef Richard Sandoval, a global leader in contemporary Latin cuisine. Recognized as a television personality, cookbook author, brand ambassador, and philanthropist, his international acclaim stems from his inventive approach to Latin American culture and his unique techniques to craft award-winning flavors showcased across 50 locations and four continents.

  • 200 Main St, Forth Worth, Texas

3. Mexican Food Restaurant: Buena Vida

Mexican Food Restaurant: Buena Vida in Fort Worth, Texas
Mexican Food Restaurant: Buena Vida in Fort Worth, Texas Buena Vida website

An ideal choice for taco enthusiasts, Buena Vida, meaning 'Good Life' in English, offers a vibrant, casual, and lively ambiance. The menu boasts a dozen taco options and other Mexican classics such as quesadillas.

Located in the heart of Southside Fort Worth, this restaurant is a prime destination for both grabbing a quick bite on the go and indulging in a more leisurely experience savoring Mexican dishes along with cocktails like piña colada or a margarita.

  • 314 South Main Street Suite 120, Fort Worth, Texas

4. Salvadorian Food Restaurant: Gloria's Cuisine

Gloria and Jose Fuentes transformed their passion for Salvadorian cuisine into a lifelong career. Over the last 37 years, Gloria's Latin Cuisine, renowned for its fresh ingredients and innovative recipes, has expanded across Texas, providing signature dishes in locations such as Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

The menu showcases Salvadoran delights like Pupusas—handmade corn 'tortillas' stuffed with cheese, pork, or a combination—along with Yuca Salvadoreña, featuring fried yuca, garlic butter sauce, and 'curtido,' alongside some Mexican dishes. 'Tamales' are always among the Texan favorites for starters.

  • 2600 W. Seventh St., Fort Worth, TX

5. Mexican Food Restaurant: Mi Cocina

Founded 32 years ago in Dallas with just 12 tables, Mi Cocina has since expanded and now operates 24 locations across Texas and Oklahoma, including one in Fort Worth.

This Tex-Mex restaurant is renowned for its tacos, enchiladas, and tamales, prioritizing the use of only the highest quality ingredients. Its margarita was chosen as the best in a survey conducted by D Magazine.

  • 509 Main St, Fort Worth, Texas

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