Manchester United's Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, seen here challenging Valencia's Nicolas Otamendi at Old Trafford last week, is now rumored to be headed to Tottenham Hotspur with teammate Marouane Fellani in the coming days. REUTERS/Andrew Yates

There has been much intrigue about the future of Mexican star striker, Javier “Chicharito” Hernández. With just ten days left in the transfer window, the Manchester United attacker reportedly has been told by new Old Trafford coach, Louis Van Gaal that he should look for another team. According to rumors floating around England at the moment, that new team could be the Tottenham Hotspurs, as they are preparing to offer $40 million for United teammates Chicharito and Marouane Fellani.

With the English Premier League season underway, Tottenham manager, Mauricio Pochettino , realizes that his offensive attack is paltry at best. Current Hotspurs forwards, Erik Lamela and Robert Soidado have underachieved at Tottenham and sources close to Pochettino tell Latin Times that the coach is enamored with Chicharito and has wanted the 26-year-old for quite some time.

Despite getting ample opportunities and playing time this preseason, it appears that Chicharito did not do enough to convince Louis Van Gaal that he could surpass Robin Van Persie, Wayne Rooney or Danny Welbeck in the starting XI. Anxious to mix up the roster in his first season at Old Trafford, Van Gaal has already added Marcos Rojo to the mix and is rumored to have his heart set on Real Madrid’s Angel Di Maria next.

Chicharito has had his struggles with the Red Devils and many including his Mexican national coach, Miguel Herrera believe a fresh start and change of scenery could do the young goal scorer some good. Chicharito snubbed Southampton last week so with time winding down on the transfer window if the Mexican marksman wants to stay in the EPL, Tottenham might be his final chance.

Chicharito has had decent stats in the EPL, with 59 goals in 152 appearances all with Manchester United. If he made the move to White Hart Lane, more than likely he would see those numbers go up as would his minutes on the pitch. It appears Chicharito’s departure from Old Trafford is imminent, but where he lands at this point is still up in the air.

As earlier mentioned, the deal would consist of not just Chicharito, but teammate Marouane Fellani as well. Fellani scored the winning goal against Valencia last week, but with the announcement of Marcos Rojo on Wednesday, Fellani is now expendable. The deal makes sense for both teams if it can get done, not only financially, but the move to Tottenham will allow Fellani to reunite with his Belgian teammates Jan Vertonghen and Nacer Chadi. Additionally, the move within England would allow both players to stay in the EPL rather than travel overseas or to another European league.

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