'Tres Veces Ana' Telenovela Premiere
Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli return to Univision with the premiere of "Tres Veces Ana." Find out what are the reasons you can't miss the premiere! Televisa

Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli return to telenovelas with "Tres Veces Ana." The Televisa soap from the producers of "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó," "Abismo De Pasión" and "Que Te Perdone Dios" is an adaptation of "Lazos De Amor." The story follows the lives of the three Ana’s - Ana Lucía, Ana Leticia and Ana Laura - whose parents die in a car accident when the girls are five. Their fate gets even more complicated when only two of the girls are found alive, with Ana Lucia presumed to have died in the crash. These are the top reasons you can't miss the premiere on Monday, May 23 starting at 9pm/8c on Univision:

1. Angelique Boyer: The actress will return to her villanous roles as Ana Leticia. We loved seeing her make everyone suffer on "Teresa" and in her new role she looks like she is going to be even more evil.

2. Angelique Boyer: The actress will also be playing Ana Laura, a woman with a disability. For Boyer, the challenge will be portraying this woman and make her beliavable.

3. Angelique Boyer: The actress will also be giving life to Ana Lucía, who is a mix of the other two Ana's. This character is the one that dreams and the one almost everyone will be identifying with.

4. Sebastián Rulli: The telenovela heartthrob is back and will also be playing two distinct characters in a way. At the beginning he will be married to Ana Leticia, but then he has an accident that makes him lose his memory and will fall in love with Ana Lucía. The challenge for Rulli is to differentiate both characters so we as the audience can see the difference.

5. David Zepeda: After filling in on "Hasta El Fin Del Mundo" following Pedro Fernández, Zepeda is back in a telenovela from the star.

6. Triplets: It will be fun to see how the triplets interact on screen together. Let's hope technology is good and we can't tell they are not really in the scene together.

7. Theme Song: Pablo Alborán will be singing the theme song and it's absolutely beautiful.

8. BoyerRulli: Hello? These two are an actual couple in real life. There makeout scenes are going to actually be real scenes. Isn't that going to be interesting to watch?

9. "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" writers are behind this new adaptation. If we know anything about them is that they love drama. Yes, drama that doesn't make sense, but makes it riveting because there are certainly going to be plotholes that we are going to have fun with discussing.

10. Cast: The group of actors that we'll see on screen are stellar and they also include Pedro Moreno, Blanca Guerra, Eric Del Castillo, Laisha Wilkins, Ramiro Fumazoni, Carlos de la Mota, Susana Dosamantes, Ana Bertha Espín, Otto Sirgo, Sachi Tamashiro and many more.

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