'Tres Veces Ana' Telenovela
Sebastián Rulli, David Zepeda and Pedro Moreno are three of Angelique Boyer's men on "Tres Veces Ana." Meet the characters they will be playing. Televisa

One of the most anticipated telenovelas of the year is "Tres Veces Ana." The brand new Televisa production will have its worldwide premiere on Univision this month and stars Angelique Boyer. She will be portraying three different roles simultaneously, in a feat that not many actresses have the opportunity or capacity to do. Boyer is facing an incredible challenge that we are sure will be able to accomplish wonderfully. As she will be playing triplets, they will each need a leading men. Those heartthrobs are Sebastián Rulli, David Zepeda and Pedro Moreno. Meet their characters below and tell us which one is your favorite!

Sebastián Rulli will play Marcelo and Santiago. Marcelo Salvaterra is handsome, intelligent, and has a big heart. He married Ana Leticia without imagining the kind of woman she really is. He is a skillful investigator who is about to find Ana Lucía, so Ana Leticia has him killed. He survives this attempt with the help of Remedios, but he gets amnesic and she gives him a new name: Santiago García. His only memory is a woman’s face, and when he recognizes that face in Ana Lucía, he falls in love with her. Once he recovers his memory, he will have to fight to get rid of Ana Leticia.

David Zepeda will give life to Ramiro. He is the son of the administrator of the Álvarez del Castillo Rivadeneira’s goods, the triplets’ family. He is handsome as well as hardworking and an honest good lawyer. He knows Ana Laura and Ana Leticia fairly well, so he is in love with the first one and disregards the second one. Even though Edmundo, his father, opposes to his relationship with Ana Laura, Ramiro is ready to break up with him just to marry the woman he loves, to whom he fully supports and of whom he is very proud.

Pedro Moreno will portray Iñaki. He is a very ambitious and unscrupulous man. He looks down on Javier, his brother, and especially on Tadeo, his father, who work in Danzaire Company. He can’t stand poverty and tries to move away from it at any cost. He starts working in Mariano’s real estate agency and he meets Ana Leticia there. He immediately feels attracted to her, but she rejects him. However, he learns that she committed a murder so he uses this information to blackmail her and then becomes her accomplice and lover.

"Tres Veces Ana" premieres Monday, May 23 at 10 p.m./9c on Univision!

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