Angelique Boyer's return to telenovelas can't come soon enough. The blonde beauty has not been seen in the small screen since the finale of "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó." So many things happened in her personal life during production of that soap that it's not surprising she took some time off to have time to reflect and return with renewed energy. As you know, Boyer is set to return with "Tres Veces Ana," which was previously known as "Frente Al Mismo Rostro" and "Como Tres Gotas De Agua." This new production is an adaptation of "Lazos De Amor," the telenovela that Lucero starred in and personified three different characters.

“Tres Veces Ana" is the story of triplets that become orphan after an accident. One of them gets lost and doesn't reunite with them until years later. Angelique Boyer will be playing the leading roles named Ana Laura, Ana Lucía and Ana Leticia. Joining the star of "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" is real-life boyfriend Sebastián Rulli, David Zepeda and Pedro Moreno. Other actors that will be part of the production include Susana Dosamantes, Otto Sirgo, Ana Bertha Espín, Olivia Bucio, Nuria Bages, Leticia Calderón, Laisha Wilkins, Carlos de la Mota, Mónika Sánchez, Ramiro Fumazoni and many more. “Tres Veces Ana" is set to start airing sometime this year.

As we don’t have a hard date for when “Tres Veces Ana” will premiere on Univision, we are getting a little antsy. There are very few telenovela couples that are repeated on-screen and having Boyer and Rulli back on is something fans wanted. This telenovela is one that we are eagerly awaiting. To calm or nerves down, but fuel our obsession we dug up some pictures that Angelique has been posting on her Instagram account. Some of the posts are from the set of the telenovela and some are just random. Take a look at our favorite ones down below and start obsessing with “Tres Veces Ana” just like we are.