Things are heating up at Televisa with the return of current telenovela goddess Angelique Boyer after the hit "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó." The French beauty is going to have her biggest challenge giving life to triplets in a "Lazos De Amor" remake tentatively titled "Como Tres Gotas De Agua." Boyer will play three sisters that are seperated at a young age after an accident. Two of them stay together while the third sister is raised by a poor and humble family. There are rumors that state there won't be a blind woman, instead she will have some sort of limp.

Angelique will be one lucky lady as she is going to have three men as she will be playing three different women. One of her galanes is her real-life boyfriend Sebastián Rulli. You all remember that in their last telenovela their relationship was hush-hush until they both revealed it towards the end of the run. Now viewers will be able to see their steamy scenes and know that all those kisses are 100% real. It will be super ackward on set to have Rulli on set and have Boyer making out with another man. They're acting though, right? Actors say they don't feel anything because they are so concentrated in delivering their lines and following instructions from directors....right.

Another one of her galanes will be David Zepeda, who was previously paired with the "Teresa" actress on "Abismo De Pasión." It had been rumored that Daniel Arenas would be the third male lead, but something went wrong that he was placed out of the project and Javier Jattin was announced. Now, it seems that this Colombian actor is out of the soap as well. According to radio personality Maxine Woodside, the "Chepe Fortuna" actor was acting like a total diva on set and demanded first credit among other things. Producer Angelli Nesma was not going to have it and told him that she couldn't meet what he was asking for and let him go. In Jattín's place is now Pedro Moreno, who will be paired up with Boyer.