"Nadie Nos Mira" or "Noboby's Watching Us" film comes at a very important moment to the Tribeca Film Festival, as the immigrant's week arrives and its story shows a different side from the many ones we have seen about this topic in the past. 

Argentine director Julia Solomonoff, known for "El último verano de la Boyita" directs this film starring Argentine actor Guillermo Pfening, who personifies Nico an Argentine actor who decides to try his luck in New York, but soon discovers that because of his physical appearance does not fit since it is "too Caucasian to look Latin" and has "an accent too closed to look like American."

Nico ends up working as babysitter of Theo, a baby whom he’ll have a special connection. Through Theo he meets a group of Latina nannies at the park they frequent. He goes around the city looking for some fun to avoid thinking about his struggles and meet some gay men whom he date  through this journey. It is then that he discovers the experiences of other immigrants, some of them much harder than his own.

As many immigrants Leo feels frustrated when he finds himself trapped in a society where he doesn’t belong but with time he tries to overpass his condition.

Other actors on the movie are Paola Baldion (La Pantalla Desnuda), Ana Carolina Lima (Centro De Gravidade), Elena Roger (Amapola), Cristina Morrison (Feriado) y Kerri Sohn (Laila B.).

These are the dates to watch this film at the Tribeca Film Festival

Saturday, April 22  6:15 p.m., Cinepolis Chelsea 5

Sunday, April 23    3:00 p.m., Regal Cinemas Battery Park

Wednesday, April 26 9:30 p.m., Cinepolis Chelsea 8

Thursday, April 27     10:15 p.m., Cinepolis Chelsea 3