“True Blood” has been known to shock its loyal fan base, but after 7 seasons, too many vampire hook ups to count, the occasional werewolf and of course blood, fans had thought they had seen it all. Well, they were wrong and in a big way. Ryan Kwanten’s character Jason Stackhouse has bared it all on screen, through his sexual escapades with local red-head and vampire prodigy Jess, were-panther Crystal, the predictably pert preacher’s wife Sarah, and let’s not forget most of the female residents of Bon Temps.

But his most recent bedfellow on last night’s episode of “True Blood” was the most shocking of his sexual endeavors in all 7 seasons. Jason and Viking turned vampire Eric Northman shared a steamy scene, which while it ended up being a dream, provided the promise of sex between the two pieces of Louisiana eye candy. Kwanten clarified that the reason for Jason’s dream was due to him ingesting Eric’s blood, we have seen the token human ingest a lot of vampire blood, which unwillingly bonds him to the supplier. In previous seasons, Jason had these sexually infused, blood bound dreams about Jess, but now with Eric in trouble, Kwanten clarifies that Jason can sense that, and it manifested into the dream.

The actor also revealed that while the scene was most certainly a shock for fans, he and Alex Skarsgard, who plays Eric have been thinking about this for a while. In a recent interview with TV Line, Kwanten said, “There was word on the street that a scene was coming, and to be honest, Alex and I had been — not necessarily begging to work together — but we’d been pondering the thought, “What if we were ever put in a scene where it was just the two of us? What would happen?” And this is what our illustrious writers came up with.” So what’s next for the pair? Well according to “True Blood” writer Kate Barnow a relationship between Jason and Eric has always been directly under the surface. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he revealed the true details of the pairs shared attraction, and what it was like to watch the sex scene unfold.

Barnow revealed, “We wanted to make it feel like, “Oh, maybe, in Jason’s subconscious, he’s had feelings for Eric in ways that we’ve never known.” I personally feel like the character Jason Stackhouse has probably always really admired Eric Northman from afar: Like if I was vampire, that’s the kind of vampire I’d be.” She also admitted that despite the sexy setting, and passion between Eric and Jason, there was also a lot of comedic relief. “They were having so much fun with it. We really had a hard time remembering that it was supposed to be a love scene, but they straddled the line perfectly: One minute was just pure burning desire, and the next minute we were all just dying laughing from the things they were doing.

Despite the success of the scene and fan reaction, Branow did admit that this was most likely the first and last Jason and Eric sex scene. So make sure you have that on DVR, or if you missed it, you can watch the steamy dream below!