As the Congressional hearings investigating the Jan. 6 attempted insurrection continue, sources close to the matter revealed on Friday that a Trump campaign operative had come to the Capitol on the day itself to deliver fake electors to former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.

Two sources who are knowledgeable about the Trump campaign said that Mike Roman, the director of Trump’s election operations in 2020, gave a list of fake electors to Pennsylvania Representative Mike Kelly’s chief of staff Matt Stroia on Jan. 6, according to the Hill.

The list of fake electors was one of the different plans that Trump and his conspirators had in an attempt to overturn a Biden electoral victory and steal the Presidency for Trump. The Trump campaign had reportedly assembled different conservative activists who signed false documents claiming to be “genuine presidential electors,” Politico reported.

However, Pence refused to be part of the plan even before Jan. 6, knowing that the act violated multiple federal laws and that he had no power to introduce new electors into the system. In spite of that, Stroia, as well as an aide of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, attempted to give the list to Pence.

“My chief of staff contacted the vice president’s staff and said, ‘Do you want this?’ They said ‘no’ and we didn’t deliver it, and that’s the end of story,” Johnson said of his involvement.

The House is now currently subpoenaing Roman to testify regarding his involvement in the Jan. 6 affair, believing that he was a significant part of pushing the Trump narrative forward in select Republican states.

“T]he Select Committee is in possession of communications reflecting your involvement in a coordinated strategy to contact Republican members of state legislatures in certain states that former President Trump had lost and urge them to “reclaim” their authority by sending an alternate slate of electors that would support former President Trump,” Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson said.

A Trump campaign official was revealed to have delivered to former Vice President Mike Pence a list of fake electors on Jan. 6, according to some sources. This is a representational image. Don Shin/Unsplash.

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