Trump's Copa America ad targeting Latinos
Trump's Copa America ad targeting Latinos Screenshot from Trump's Copa America ad

The Donald Trump campaign has released a Spanish-speaking political ad airing during the semifinals and final of the Copa América 2024, which is taking place in the United States, its main goal being persuading Latino voters ahead of the presidential elections.

The video, which begins over pensive piano music , accuses the current administration of driving up food and gasoline costs, as images of a clueless-looking President Joe Biden are intertwined with shots of Latinos having an overall hard time.

"We are proud Americans," the narrator of the ad says in Spanish. "And we believe in the American Dream. But under Biden it's difficult. Biden's inflation has increased the cost of food. The cost of gas is too high. And our income has decreased. Biden has failed us, President Trump won't.".

The ad changes tone at that point and transitions into a more optimistic key, as images of a decisive Trump appear. "Trump lowered taxes, increased our income, made housing affordable," the narrator states in Spanish. "And he will do it again."

Check out the video in full by clicking here.

The Copa America is set to finalize this weekend and has been a success, according to organizers, and fueled by the growing Latino population. More than 1 million tickets have been sold for the group stage, the first time the tournament has ever done so in its rich history.

Trump is not the first politician to use the Copa America as a platform for political gain. The Biden campaign has also been betting heavily on the tournament, investing millions of dollars in the form of everything from campaign-sponsored events at swing-state sports bars and restaurants, to television and digital ad campaigns in English and Spanish on Fox, Univision, radio and other digital outlets.

Another politician to take advantage of the fútbol craze was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who recently renewed her campaign efforts for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris with a 40-second ad centered around the Copa America. "When we talk about fighting for working families, confronting corporate greed, protecting our freedoms, or democracy, we are all on the same team, the Biden-Harris team."

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