Former US Senator Barbara Boxer
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Former US President Donald Trump has reacted to the mugging of former US Senator Barbara Boxer saying that people cannot let Communist Democrats ruin "our great cities.”

The attack on the former US Senator from the State of California took place on Monday. It happened near her residence in Oakland's Jack London Square. Following the incident, Trump issued a statement claiming that Boxer was “savagely assaulted," reported New York Daily News. He also said that people cannot let Communist Democrats ruin "our great cities," and that if they are not stopped, "our communities and our country will be lost forever."

A tweet was posted on behalf of Boxer that gave out details of the assault. According to the post, the 80-year-old was pushed in the back, and then the assailant stole her mobile phone and hopped on to a waiting car. Boxer is thankful that she was not seriously injured

Narrating the incident to KTVU, Boxer said that she was alone when she was walking and talking on her phone. Just before the assault and mugging, she noticed the suspects. She said that she enjoyed walking around the neighborhood.

While walking, she spotted a parked black sedan and then saw a young man coming out of the car. She tried to cross the road and escape, but he slammed her on the back. The attacker was standing behind her. Then he grabbed her phone out of her hand. Boxer asked the attacker how could he do this to a grandmother, but he did not care and jumped into his car and fled.

Boxer was left terrified. She said that her heart was pounding and her hands were shaking. She was just glad she was standing on her feet and didn't lose balance. Then she walked to a nearby store for help. The store employee, Joseph Heuken, said that Boxer looked scared and nervous while telling him about the mugging incident. He let her borrow a phone so she could call for help. They waited for police to reach the spot.

Boxer said that two people -- the driver and the robber -- were involved in the crime. She added that they appeared to be teenagers.

According to a law enforcement source, the car in question was also used in many vehicle break-ins in the area and in different parts of Oakland during a half-hour span prior to the attack on Boxer.

Boxer, who served in the US Senate from 1993 to 2017, found the incident to be "nerve-wracking," but is glad that all is well. She feels bad as she loves the town. She now wants the culprits to be caught soon.

Oakland police is looking into the matter. Crime Stoppers, Oakland is also offering up to $2,000 to anyone who can provide information regarding the robbery.

Meanwhile, people in the area are disturbed by the assault that happened in broad daylight. Oakland resident Marsha Caldwell said the suspect appears to be bold, and hence suggested to have foot patrol police in the area.

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