Former US president Donald Trump
Former US president Donald Trump AFP

Former President Donald Trump is set to concede an interview to Latino-focused outlet Univision on Thursday. According to the broadcaster, Trump will sit down at his Mar-a-Lago residence with journalist Eduardo Acevedo and discuss, among other issues, his campaign proposal and his strategy to appeal to Latino voters.

Trump is highly likely to clinch the Republican nomination for the next elections. The latest average of polls compiled by FiveThirtyEight shows the former President has a 58.4 percent vote intention, while Florida Governor and runner-up Ron DeSantis trails him by almost 45 percentage points at 13.6 percent.

Trump and Univision have a history: back in 2015, when he was a presidential candidate for the 2016 elections, he ordered the removal of a prominent Univision journalist, Jorge Ramos, from a press conference he was giving in Iowa. He did so after Ramos asked him about his plans for the mass deportation of undocumented people. "Go back to Univision," Trump said back then.

"He got up and started to shout," said the then-candidate when questioned about the order to remove Ramos from the room. "He is obviously a very emotional person," he added.

Different polls show Trump has been making steady progress with the Latino electorate during the better part of the last decade: his 28 percent support in 2016 grew to 36 percent in 2020, according to the Pew Research Center.

And a new survey by The New York Times/Sienna focused on six key swing states showed that current President Joe Biden held a single-digit lead among Hispanics in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. According to Axios, the Democratic Party usually win by 30+ points with this voters from this demographic. Overall, the poll shows that former President Trump had a 42 percent support from Hispanic voters in the swing states.

Hispanic voters have focused on the economy in their assessment of the candidates, and most believe that Trump would do better than Biden in that area: "Hispanic voters are three times more likely to say economic issues are important in deciding their vote than social issues, and are 20 points more likely to trust Mr. Trump over Mr. Biden to handle the economy," reads a passage of the NYT/Sienna poll.

A separate survey by CBS/YouGov showed a similar picture: "Hispanic voters are much likelier to say their finances would improve under Trump than Mr. Biden. And most Black voters do not expect their finances to change if Mr. Biden wins again," says the study.

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