trump trump app
A screenshot from the Trump Trump app shows how it’s users can remove mentions of Donald Trump from iOS internet browsers. The app, created by Julio Castillo, is a followup to K-Blocker, which similarly gutted mentions of the Kardashians from the web. furtive / itunes

Donald Trump won’t be seen by iPad and iPhone users who download Trump Trump, a new app that scrubs the presidential candidate from the internet. The Trump Trump was created by app developer Julio Castillo, according to Forbes. He created the Donald Trump blocker after his K-Blocker banished all mentions of the Kardashian from grateful users. It’s the latest new toy that caters to Donald hater (remember the Trumpéalo App and the Trump Piñata?), or those who are just fed up with his ubiquity in the media.

“After I made a Kardashian blocker for iOS [I] was flooded with requests for a Trump blocker. I don't know if we are heading towards a future where we'll be able to block everything that we don't like, but here's my small contribution to dystopia,” Castillo recently wrote on an internet forum.

Castillo acknowledges that dystopia can have a downside. He points to another internet forum, Y Combinator, where users discuss the problem of online “safe spaces,” drawing parallels to college campuses.

“I loathe the day where such apps isolate people from thought [that] they do not like on a wholesale business,” writes user Shivetya (we can’t confirm the user’s account). “Can you imagine a world of safe spaces and such where you never have to be challenged?

“It would be like exporting the current college culture to the world and that if not a true dystopian future, one where the thought police exist through intimidation and threat is still one I don't want.”

Will Trump supporters one day be able to block articles criticizing their hero? Trump fans can already get their hands on You Got Trumped, an app that recites the candidate’s policy prescriptions, and his advice dolls which utter phrases like "Brand yourself and toot your own horn.”

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