Merve Taskin, who is a Turkish influencer, posed alongside a huge penis sculpture in Amsterdam's Sex Museum last year and posted pictures on her social media. She has now been handed a five-month suspended sentence.

Taskin, who has more than 570,000 followers on Instagram, shared the "obscene" posts when she was celebrating her birthday in January 2020, reported Daily Star.

During her trip to the Dutch capital, she also took snaps at the popular Red Light District, according to LADbible. In one of the images, the 23-year-old was seen riding a huge penis statue. In another, she was clicked while she was standing behind a glass door that was designed after a brothel in the Red Light District.

She was later arrested on "obscenity charges" in Canakkale, Turkey, and the bold photographs were removed from her social media accounts.

Individuals who publish "obscene" content can get a jail sentence of up to three years, according to Turkish law. Last week, she posted a photograph of herself with her legal team and wrote on Instagram that "the prosecution office gave its opinion" to their detriment.

She shared that her legal team had argued at a court that the posts were "within the limits of freedom of expression" and that the investigation showed "how far behind the world we are." However, the court did not agree with them, so it sentenced her to five months in jail. According to her, the relatively good news was that "postponement of the announcement of the provision was applied in this judgment that was set against me."

She explained that in the current situation, if she does not deliberately commit a crime within five years, the "provision will be annulled with all its consequences." Initially, she sentenced to six months in jail, but it was reduced to five because of her good conduct, and then it was suspended.

Meanwhile, Sex Museum director Monique van Marle said that the museum is "intended to educate" people across the globe about the history of sex. She added that they admire the influencer for expressing herself and posting the photographs.

According to Daily Mail, Turkey is a majority Muslim nation where things aren't as strict as many Middle Eastern countries. Women are not instructed to cover up when they step out in public, but many choose to wear a headscarf.

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