Twin 20-month-old boys were found dead in a hot SUV parked in front of a South Carolina day care after they were left inside the vehicle for nine hours, authorities said on Thursday.

On Wednesday around 5.40 pm, a parent found the tots, Brayden and Bryson McDaniel, near the Sunshine House Early Learning Academy.

Richland County Coroner Nadia Rutherford said they seemed to have been in the car since the morning and likely died from exposure to heat, reported ABC News.

According to her, an autopsy showed the boys had no physical signs of abuse or trauma. She also said that there was no indication they had taken in any water or food when they were in the vehicle, which the coroner said was a "family car."

She said that the investigation will continue to rule out other causes related to the death of the boys who were enrolled at the day care, and looked like they were well taken care of. The day care staff was not involved in the death of the infants, she said.

Rutherford didn't give much details about who had driven them to the day care, other than saying it was a "parent." She also did not give the names of the parents, but said they were very distraught.

She said that she can't speak on how or why the kids were left in the car for so long. She added, "If this was an unfortunate accident, we pray the family can find peace. But if it was a criminal act, we will help seek justice for these babies."

Following the tragedy, strangers surrounded the scene to pray for the family, according to News 19.

Bonita Belton said that a lot of people are hurt right now, and she started praying to God to give the family peace, and also to the teachers who taught those kids. She said that no parent plans to bury their little ones, and that it was just really tough.

Another concerned mother, Helzar Baxter, instantly drove to the place for prayer and to uplift the families. She said that just the thought of it is heartbreaking, and she can't imagine to go through something like this.

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Representational image. Pixabay.