It this era of digital revolution, the smallest inconvenience is enough to unsettle us and one such issue is the fact that Twitter, unlike its fellow social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, doesn’t allow users to edit their tweet once it is posted.

But even though, it is the most requested Twitter feature, the appearance of an edit button on the platform isn’t happening anytime soon and the CEO Jack Dorsey of Twitter has finally explained why. 

In a recent video Q&A with Wired, Jack Dorsey answered with a “No” when asked about Twitter having an edit button in 2020. Explaining the reason behind this persistent aversion to the editing feature, he shared that Twitter started with a system where one tweeted via SMS and as we know, you cannot edit a text once it is sent. So, to begin with, the idea of adding an edit button never really made it to their plans even as they upgraded the interface. 

But now, the reason to not include the feature is not only to “preserve the vibe” of the original design but also to curb people from using the feature to edit content to mislead people. “So, these are all the considerations,” said Dorsey. “But we'll probably never do it.”

While editing tweets is impossible at the moment, users of the social media platform are soon going to have another superpower

Soon, users will have the power to control who comments on their tweets. As explained at the recently held CES, Twitter executives explained that they will be adding options that will give you the power to limit who comments on your tweet or block any remarks altogether. This will reduce unhealthy conversations and transactions of wrong information.

“We're really excited about this, because not only does it help people feel … more comfortable as a … community, but also [because it] allows us to create a whole new format of a conversation,” Twitter’s director of product management, Suzanne Xie explained.

As of now, Twitter is “in the process of doing research on the feature” and that “the mockups are going to be part of an experiment” following which the social media giant plans to globally launch the option later this year.