Two girls were reportedly attacked by a mob of teenagers and then thrown into a lake in Arthur's Rein Park in Seacroft, Leeds.

Footage of the incident was captured on video with about 20 to 30 teen students seen violently punching the two helpless girls and then thrown into the river.

The incident was witnessed by a woman who happened to be passing by at the time. He begged the students to stop but ended up getting set upon as well, LeedsLive reported.

"They were attacking her and another. I shouted 'leave her alone' and what on earth are you doing,” the unnamed woman stated. "I ended up with some of the kids on me."

It was the woman who claimed that 20 to 30 kids were going towards her when she tried to call their attention. She added that she was not bothered by them and was more worried about the two girls who were being violently attacked.

It was later learned that the kids were from the Bishop Young Academy. The school issued a statement, citing the poor behavior that has been happening to and from the school.

"Unfortunately, over the past few days, there have been some incidents of poor behavior happening on the way to and from school, and in the evening within our community,” headteacher Rachael Cole stated. "Although these incidents involve a very small minority of our students, they have had a negative impact on the local community and the reputation of our academy."

Cole added that they are now working closely with the parents, the police and the community to resolve these issues to help the students become more responsible citizens.

"Please rest assured, that any time we receive information about the conduct of our students it is acted upon in the strictest possible terms, even when such behavior occurs away from the academy," she said.

West Yorkshire Police are reportedly investigating the matter as of this writing.

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