Michelle Tanner has yet to emerge in the last season of “Fuller House,” but Danny may have already teased a dark fate for the fan-favorite character. Towards the end of the first part of “Fuller House” season 5, Danny threw an ominous line suggesting it’s about time for fans to give up their dreams of seeing Michelle back at the Tanner family home again.

Fans of the series know how “Fuller House” season 5 part 1 has snubbed the character for the most part. It remains unknown if this is just a setup for what lies ahead for the character in the show, but at this point, it is safe to say that the show is operating as if she no longer exists.

Four seasons and several family affairs have passed since viewers last saw Michelle, and while there have been a few references to her character in the previous seasons, these references have been more of reminders that she once lived in the ancestral home and not that she’s coming back to reunite with her clan in the future.

Nothing has driven the sad idea more than Danny’s line in a recent outing, when he congratulated DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy on their engagements. After everyone gathered together at the Tanner family dining, Danny bid all the girls goodbye, saying, “it’s so nice to have three daughters again.”

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That line was quite strange, considering that as far as the series goes, Michelle is still very much around—it’s just that she does not get to spend time with her clan because she’s now based in a land far away on the East Coast.

Taken literally, Danny’s line suggested that Michelle had already died and wouldn’t come home again. What’s weirder is the fact that after Danny talked about having just three daughters, no one in the family made any further comment about the implication of his words. Everyone just went along with it as if they all knew Michelle was already gone.  

When the creators of “Fuller House” gave an explanation for Michelle Tanner’s absence in the show, they said Ashley Olsen was just too busy running her fashion empire in New York. But while “Fuller House” managed to sell that idea at first, now, fans can no longer make sense of the fact that the baby of the Tanners can’t even take a single time off for her family.

It remains to be seen if Danny’s line implied that Michelle Tanner was already dead or just completely estranged from the clan. Either way, fans should take fan theories with a grain of salt. After all, they’re just fan theories.