Two teenagers in Pennsylvania have been arrested on Tuesday, Dec. 7, after they were busted allegedly planning a school shooting at their local high school, stacking up on guns that were subsequently found by the authorities.

Seventeen-year-old Logan Jack Pringle and 16-year-old Preston Robert Hinebaugh have been taken into custody following the duo's suspicious activity that led law enforcement to discover various weapons in Hinebaugh’s house, including four AR-15 rifles and two pump-action shotguns, according to the Daily Beast.

Pringle was previously expelled and barred from the school via court order after threatening the school on numerous occasions, including one where he threatened to “get a Glock and shoot up the school” when he was expelled, Local 12 reported.

The suspicion arose when Pringle was seen on the school grounds by a former classmate of his, who then told her mother about seeing him. The mother immediately emailed the principal of the school, who involved law enforcement in the matter.

“We’re glad they took me seriously,” the mother, who remains unnamed, said. “I was a little upset that it took this long for them to notice a student who shouldn’t have been there, was roaming the schools.”

When questioned about being on school grounds despite being barred, Pringle admitted that he “didn't think it would be that easy to get back into the school.”

Pringle and Hinebaugh have been charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism and conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, with Hinebaugh receiving additional charges of conspiracy to commit criminal trespass and possession of a firearm by a minor.

Both have not posted bail as of press time. The Cambria County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that the two will be tried as adults.

“I do believe [a] tragedy was prevented,” District Attorney Greg Neugebauer said. “Recent events, including this one, must serve as a reminder that we all should remain alert to protect ourselves and those around us.”

Two teenagers in a Pennsylvania town have been arrested after the suspicious behavior of the duo led police to their cache of guns, seemingly in the planning stage of a school shooting. This is a representational image. Sam Balye/Unsplash.

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