A truck driver’s favor to his acquaintances turned fatal after he was brutally murdered for a crime he did not commit. 48-year-old Dmitry Chikvarkin of Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region of Russia was accused by a 10-year-old child of sexual abuse. Instead of reporting the incident to the police, the child’s parents sexually assaulted the man with a pipe and beat him to death with it. Investigators determined that the accusation against the man was false. Those involved in the murder have been charged nearly a year after the incident.

Last year Chikvarkin had given a lift to the 10-year-old and three-year-old girls at the request of their parents. The man had often given the children a ride to the home of their carer. The younger child’s mother 25-year-old Valeria Dunaeva went to pick the children up from the carer later in the day.

When Dunaeva picked the children up the older child told her that the man had touched them below the waist inappropriately. This launched the witch-hunt for the alleged pedophile. Without reporting the incident to the police, the worried mother involved her partner 34-year-old Sergey Chabin. Infuriated by the allegation made by his daughter, the man decided to punish the child abuser.

Chabin, Dunaeva and some other men attacked Chikvarkin. They assaulted the man and anally penetrated him using a metal pipe, the Daily Mail had reported. After the sexual assault, the victim was struck on the head using the same pipe. When Dunaeva’s former aunt-in-law, who was friends with the victim, tried to stop the attack, she was also assaulted.

Chikvarkin was still alive after the attackers left. He later died due to a devastating head injury. The head injury was so terrible that the family was prevented from seeing the victim’s face by priests at his funeral. Police launched an investigation into the vigilante murder. They questioned the children and discovered that the older child had accused the man as a “joke”. The men and women involved were arrested by the police.

Nearly a year since the attack Dunaeva has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm resulting in death. Chabin and his friend 29-year-old Mikhail Ivanov face the same charge as well as charges for sexual assault. 29-year-old Alina Mikhailova, the mother of the older girl, according to the Mirror faces charges for threatening the victim with murder.

The victim’s family disagrees with the charges against the attackers. They believe that the accused should face murder charges for torturing and killing the father of a six-year-old girl.

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