It was all a joke at first, but Donald Trump becoming the President of the U.S. is looking more like a reality every day. After winning seven states on Super Tuesday, the Republican frontrunner has distanced himself from his rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Trump is marching along winning delegates and getting closer to getting the nomination for his party. It is all very terrifying as Donald has spewed words of hate with the motto of "making America great again." The only thing the former "Celebrity Apprentice" host will do to America is divide it.

Wether you follow politics or not, Trump is someone everybody knows because of his hateful speech. We all remember when he announced his run for the White House, how he alienated Latinos and targeted undocumented Mexican immigrants by calling them "rapists" and "murderers." We don't think by doing so he will "make America great again," but there are people out there supporting him. Thankfully there are a lot out there that are not and have taken to social media to bash him. On Twitter "Two Word Trump" has been trending worldwide with people taking jabs at Donald. Check some of these hilarious memes here and tell us what you think!