As the United Kingdom experiences an energy crisis with rising electricity bills pushing higher costs on the average household, a leaked report on Wednesday shows that energy and gas companies in the U.K. profited over US$200 billion from the crisis. 

The U.K. energy crisis finds the country dealing with a rising cost of electricity per household, largely pushed by an increase in the prices of natural gas and power generation in the country. The crisis will likely get worse as energy regulator Ofgem has increased the upper limit of prices to the equivalent of US$4,000 for the rest of the year, according to CNN

“It is going to be truly, truly horrific for a large number of people,” Scottish Power CEO Keith Anderson said. “This is bigger than the pandemic. It's a big national crisis.”

As the energy crisis worsens, many activists and politicians have expressed outrage after a leaked government analysis showed that gas and energy producers in the country stand to make a profit of an estimated US$200 billion over the next two years, Common Dreams reported. 

“The Treasury analysis suggests about two-fifths of the £170 billion in excess profits would be attributable to power producers, suggesting an extension of the windfall tax could be lucrative for the government coffers,” a journalist for Bloomberg said. 

While the Treasury Department has denied making the analysis, it has affirmed that it expects to try and get the energy producers of the country to reinvest their profits back to the U.K. in order to help reduce the rising cost of living in the country. 

“We also expect our newly introduced energy profits levy to raise an extra £5 billion (US$5.7 billion)in its first year to help pay for our £37 billion (US$42.7 billion) support package for households,” a spokesperson said. 

The U.K. has experienced the biggest cut in spending power in all of Europe due to the energy crisis, with over 8.2% of the average household’s spending power taken away from them, with another 2% taken away due to rising costs of goods, the Guardian reported.

“This is inhumane,” Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar said. “Freeze prices now and impose a meaningful windfall tax!”

jason-richard-naK1i6nCuqc-unsplash As the U.K.'s energy crisis worsens, a leaked government report on Wednesday claims that energy and gas companies in the country are making hundreds of billions of dollars in profit from the crisis. This is a representational image. Jason Richard/Unsplash.