A retired Russian general and military expert warned that the UK will “cease to exist” if a nuclear World War 3 begins.

The West is playing with fire in blockading Russian exclave Kaliningrad to stop sanctioned goods reaching the territory via the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) state Lithuania, said Lieutenant-General Evgeny Buzhinsky. Mirror reported that he also slammed British General Patrick Sanders, who took command of the UK’s land forces this week with a call to soldiers to prepare to beat Russian troops in a World War 3.

Buzhinsky said that Sanders doesn’t understand that as a result of World War 3, "Britain will physically cease to exist." According to him, the island will vanish, so he has no idea where Sanders or "his descendants will live.”

Sanders had said in a message to troops that he is the first Chief of the General Staff since 1941 to "take command of the Army in the shadow of a land war in Europe involving a continental power." He shared that the scale of the enduring threat from Russia shows that they have "entered a new era of insecurity." Sanders said that it was his singular duty to make their Army as "lethal and effective as it can be," and that the time is now and the "opportunity is ours to seize.”

Alongside the war in Ukraine, the Kaliningrad situation is “deeply serious," warned Buzhinsky. He claimed that the West had ulterior motives. He urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to respond immediately. Buzhinsky wants the leader to send nuclear weapons to Kaliningrad, former Prussian outpost of Königsberg and the country’s most westerly territory, which is wedged between Poland and Lithuania. It is also the headquarters of the Kremlin’s Baltic Fleet.

Buzhinsky said that this is a "long game to push us out from the Baltic Sea, an attempt to block and cut Kaliningrad off, and finally to take it away from us." He said that the West planned to “block Kaliningrad economically, completely, until our people howl from destitution." Buzhinsky added that Putin should “disavow the 1991 recognition of Lithuania, disavow the agreement with the European Union (EU) on Lithuania, including on their borders, then switch Lithuania off from energy." He shared that then finally they must take "military measures."

According to Metro, Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov also warned that all trust has now evaporated between Russia and the West. He said that relations between the West and Russia will "not be back to the previous level, because Moscow will never again trust such 'partners'." He added that it will be a lengthy crisis, but Russians will "never trust the West again."

Kaliningrad’s railways was informed by Lithuania that from June 18, the transit of some of the goods from Russia was limited due to EU sanctions. The move was not legal and violated the agreements that the country committed to when joining the EU, said the Kaliningrad governor Anton Alikhanov, reported news.com.au.

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