Norwegian entrepreneur Sam Farao Norwegian entrepreneur Sam Farao Sam Farao

Although we've seen many successful Norwegian entrepreneurs in the past, Sam Farao is cut from a different cloth.

A tough childhood helped shaped his future

We often hear about entrepreneurs who come from wealthy backgrounds, but the most enjoyable story to talk about are those who made a name for themselves with nothing to start. I would say that Sam Farao is the sort of individual who simply won't take no for an answer, and his success as an entrepreneur is a testament to that. It doesn't matter how big or small the project seems, Sam Farao is going to approach it with all of his might; this is likely a result of his tough (and somewhat troubling) childhood.

Taking your upbringing for granted happens all too often, but Sam knows what "tough times” are truly all about. He was born in Voss, Norway in 1988 to Iranian parents, fleeing Iran due to the Iranian Revolution. They found themselves in Norway, and Sam ended up being the very first Iranian person born in Voss, Norway. The family moved to Oslo when he was 2-years old and as Sam grew older, he realized how “little” he had in life.

His father was an alcoholic and got a divorce from his mother when Sam was around 8, which led to him moving into a 35-square foot studio apartment with his mother. The hunger for success was obvious at an early age, as Sam took notice of how other kids went about living their lives. It seemed as if they had tons of toys, candy, and anything else you could think of, while Sam was left with nothing. Growing up in this sort of environment allowed Sam to develop his “win or go home” attitude, which has helped him reach all of his entrepreneurial goals (so far!).

Sam Farao isn't your traditional entrepreneur

Sam grew up as an outcast of sorts, and he found solace during his teenage years by taking part in gang-related activities. As a result, he found himself being sent to a “Child Welfare Detention Center” on more than one occasion. One of his trips included a 3-week military training course, which is one of the most important parts of Sams' life.

“There were some experiences within the institutions that made me stronger today, and I use that unconsciously within my work.” said Sam, “I never regret any of my past actions, as I truly believe that makes you the person you are today”, which is important, as he had some heavily unorthodox actions in the past.

Not only does Sam understand what it feels like to want more, but he also understands that the modern school system isn't something that will make or break your entrepreneurial dreams. You don't have to go through several years of school just to land a good job, because that's what everybody else is doing too. Following trends and learning information that can be figured out using a smartphone will only stunt your growth as an entrepreneur, which is something Sam learned early on.

Sam Farao and his journey to the top

His entrepreneurial journey began in high school where Sam started things off with a dropshipping business. While they're somewhat easy to put together, this shows the sort of initiative a successful entrepreneur will sport, even at their young age. He took the experience that was gathered through drop shipping and opened up “ Oslo Hair ” in 2011, in which Sam was responsible for all of the marketing and administrative work.

Norwegian entrepreneur Sam Farao Norwegian entrepreneur Sam Farao Sam Farao

Sam built that company from the ground up in a sense, and now it's known as the top-rated hair salon in all of Norway. Some of the other businesses that Sam has helped grow are:

Netpixel Media was founded by Sam Farao in 2015, while Captana was founded in 2017. Sam has generated well over $3M in revenue using only affiliate marketing as well (without the sale of assets), which is incredibly impressive, to say the least. Showing his versatility, Sam is capable of excelling in any industry as an entrepreneur, and it's paying off as he recently closed an asset sale for both Netpixel Media and Captana.

Casinor was initially developed in 2017 when Sam co-founded Digital Empire AS, which is a holding company for Digital Takeover LTD (a Maltese-based company). There were several sites included under the Digital Empire “umbrella”, and Casinor was one of the most popular ones. It has grown over the years and developed a reputation as the #1 casino guide website in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Casinor was recently sold in April of 2020 to an anonymous buyer for a seven-figure sum, which is considered to be one of the largest deals ever completed for Digital Takeover LTD.

What does Sam Farao have in store for us?

Sam is one of those entrepreneurs that can't sit still and is always thinking of new ways to generate revenue, which is one of the best traits to have. One of the things that many entrepreneurs forget about is being humble, especially when they've found ample amounts of success; Sam has no problem with this, as he comes from humble beginnings. That's why he is currently working to open his non-profit organization that's going to cater to some of the causes he supports personally. 

His most recent venture is called “ Nutra CBD ” and it's a CBD oil brand that is based in the Netherlands. Sam has picked the perfect place to build his brand, and he's also chosen one of the fastest-growing industries to showcase his talents in!

As we've said before Sam Farao isn't going to take no for an answer, so you can expect to hear more information about Nutra CBD sometime soon.