Football is one of the biggest sports in the entire world. With its several hundred years of history it has never failed to charm the masses from every corner of this wonderful planet. As a result, football cultures have developed uniquely in many countries and continents.

One of the more pronounced and unique of these cultures that never seize to amaze, is that of Latin America. Almost nowhere else do the people get as excited about a sport and have such an undying loyalty for their favorite teams. So let us dig into it and see just what sets the Latin Americans apart from the rest.

Undying Loyalty to Their Teams

The Latin Americans have an undying loyalty for their teams. Typically, they will support their local team through thick and thin even if they move to another state or country. This loyalty seems to break the barriers of time and space.

This loyalty comes to show in many different ways. Their favorite team might be losing and losing for years and descending the ranks of their national leagues. And yet they still never waver.

Often, they are willing to bet money even in the face of poor odds. Betting on football is huge in Latin America and is a common pastime activity for many when they are with their friends watching the game on their TV or at the stadium. Of course, they are also interested in making a bit of money, so they’re always on the lookout for great odds. This article: has a great list of popular places to bet on sports with optimal odds. It even includes a guide on how to get started.

Willingness to Tour the World

Throughout any world cup, no matter where it is hosted, you will always encounter an army of Latin Americans that have saved up large sums of money to go support their nation as they compete against the world.

This is especially impressive if we take the official GDP numbers for Latin American countries into consideration. Generally, they are significantly lower than their North American and European counterparts. And to spend this much money on going to support their country just shows how much more dedicated they are to football than most of the rest of us.

Latin Passion at the Stadium

Many football fans are very content to remain in their seats with a cold beer and just relax while the match plays out. There is not too much shouting unless something extraordinary happens. Of course, there are wild fans in Europe, but they are a minority overall.

In Latin America everybody goes wild with classic Latin passion as they enter the stadiums. There is shouting, singing, cheering, and chanting almost throughout every single minute of the match.

The energy is contagious and even if you normally are a casual and relaxed person, you can’t help but to join in and have a great time. This level of passion is simply unique and unrivalled.

Of course, this does sometimes get out of hand. Recently, an Argentinian football coach was shot during a game as fans got out of control. There are two sides to the coin where one unfortunately is a little grimmer. Luckily this is the exception and not the rule.