Two parents in Florida were arrested and charged on Tuesday after local authorities found them in a hotel room with multiple children who may have been abused and a six-year-old child whose head was in a toilet and who is currently on life support.

Larry Rhodes, Jr. and Bianca Blaise are facing child neglect raps, with an additional charge for Rhodes for aggravated child abuse, after authorities were called in to investigate a possible drowning at the Knights Inn hotel in Kissimmee, Osceola County, according to WESH.

A six-year-old child was discovered with his head in the toilet, badly injured and without a pulse or unable to breathe. He was also reportedly suffering from a brain bleed. The child was immediately brought to a hospital, where he is still under life support for his deadly condition, the Daily Beast reported.

Rhodes and Blaise lived with the six-year-old child and five other children in the Knights Inn room. Officials in the county believed they abused the minors. The six-year-old child, for example, was found with swollen eyes and blood in his mouth. A four-year-old child also had bruises and “fresh cuts” in their mouth when authorities found them.

The couple claimed that the siblings were fighting each other and that that was the cause of injuries, but the four-year-old told police officers, “Daddy hit me,” when asked about the situation.

The couple was questioned by authorities, and Blaise, who denied knowledge of the children’s abuse and injuries, claimed that Rhodes had occasionally “whooped” the children in the past, and that he was recently less in control of his negative emotions due to a lack of medication for his schizophrenia.

It is unclear as to where the children are currently staying, or if Rhodes and Blaise have been denied bail for the charges.

A six-year-old child is currently on life support after he was found unconscious without a pulse with his head in a toilet; his parents currently face charges of child abuse for the matter. This is a representational image. Annie Spratt/Unsplash.

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