The South American country, Venezuela, has imposed terrorism and weapon trafficking charges against an alleged U.S. spy who was detained last week.

The detainee, Matthew John Heath, was allegedly found to be plotting attacks against Venezuela’s oil industry and electricity system. The announcement concerning the charges was announced on the local television by the chief prosecutor, Tarek William Saab.

The officials have reportedly seized plastic explosives, a grenade launcher, a bag full of U.S. dollars and a satellite phone.

“They tried to fill the country with blood,” Saab said. “The Venezuelan state has managed to neutralize the plans to attack the oil industry and the national electric system.”

Three citizens of Venezuela have also been arrested and charged with treason for being a part of the alleged plot for attacks. One of them is a member of the military, as per Saab.

“Everything here could qualify as a lethal weapon designed to cause harm and to promote assassinations, crimes against the people of Venezuela,” Saab said, pointing to the retrieval of images of a large bridge in Zulia state as well as old oil refineries in Falcón state from the phones of the arrested individuals.

Saab also accused the U.S. man of trying to open the route for drug trafficking through Venezuela. The U.S. is yet to comment on the case and the charges of terrorism against the U.S. national.

The alleged U.S. spy, Heath, is said to have entered Venezuela illegally through the Columbian border. He did not possess the original passport, but a copy of it was found to be hidden in one of his shoes.

During the interrogation, it was discovered that Health worked in Iraq as a mercenary with a private security contracting company originally based out of Virginia. He is known to work there from 2006 to 2016, however, the company has not yet commented on it.

Venezuela soldiers "Another humiliation that we cannot accept," said retired military personnel due to the food bag that Maduro gives them. Reuters