Usher Memes Juan Gabriel
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MIAMI - Sunday's Super Bowl LVIII wasn't just a spectacle of sports, it was also a meme goldmine. Headlining the viral sensation was Usher's first outfit, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the ones used by late astrologer Walter Mercado, sparking a social media frenzy especially among Latinos. But that wasn't all.

The memes also took a nostalgic turn with Taylor Swift and Travis Scott channeling 'High School Musical' characters, drawing laughs and fond memories from fans across generations. As the world reacts to these humorous highlights, we dive into the best memes that capture the essence of a night filled with more than just football.

Justin Bieber's absence from the Apple Half Time show also sparked some memes, considering that his fans were sure he would show up on stage and reprise his famous dance with Usher.

However, not everybody was disappointed. Usher's fans celebrated his dancing skills and abs with very funny memes, although there was also some projected some toxic masculinity towards Swizz Beatzy, Alicia Key's husband, after her performance.

Of course, Latino fans had their niche fun. There are the Walter Mercado memes, the Juan Gabriel memes, and, believe it or not, the Kiko memes.

Beyoncé's fans were also excited. The queen of the beehive not only starred in an incredible commercial, but she also dropped two songs during the game. There was some emphasis on the fact that Bey is veering towards country music. Are country music stars shaking on their boots? Social media seems to think so.

On the field, the match was tight for a long while, and the fans were sympathetic to the stress Taylor Swift may have experienced when it was extended to extra time and transformed it into laughter. Overall, Super Bowl LVIII was exciting, heart-attack-inducing at times, and a lot of fun.

Here are some of the best memes of the night

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