Valentine’s Day falls on February 14 every year. And a lot of people really enjoy this important event celebrating love.

Everybody celebrates it differently, for this reason, you can find plenty of ideas that should help you plan the best date. You can either choose to go to a party, a romantic restaurant, have fun in a girls' night out, go to a Broadway or local theater show or book a walking tour. Luckily, there's always something great to do whether you're in love with love or you are simply an anti–V-Day person.

We’ve put together a list of what we believe are the best things to do on Valentine’s Day.

  • Romance Under the Stars

Give up the traditional dinner date on Valentine's Day and create a unique experience on your roof or terrace. Using low tone lighting, you can create an intimate and magical experience under the clear sky. Remember, the higher the better!

A fantastic three course dinner with wine or champagne and you are ready to be remembered for the rest of humanity – well, at least in that special someone's heart!

  • Lust on Valentine’s Day? Predictable but effective!

Fulfill all of your Valentine’s Day sins by traveling to New York City! The Big Apple offers an exhibition just for the pursuit of pleasure. It’s the “Jump for Joy: Bouncy Castle of Breasts” in the Museum of Sex. An interactive installation that embodies the cultural context and history of fairground eroticism.

  • Your Love Story Can Be A Musical!

If you love people singing in the name of love, you should check your local theater listings and enjoy a full theatrical experience on Valentine’s Day.

  • An All Inclusive Walking Tour Experience

Find affordable holiday vacation packages, sightseeing tours and city day trips in world-wide destinations. A site like Tours4Fun offers low-cost tours to the seven continents; some of them can be 1-Day Walking Tours around your area.