Valentine's Day is about love, admiration, passion, and of course, aphrodisiacs! If you and your valentine are planning on sharing a meal, then you may want to check our list of libido boosting foods before you plan your menu.

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love so it's only fitting that those celebrating include aphrodisiac foods on their menu. There are many foods with the reputation for being aphrodisiac, but some have the science to back up the claims! We've rounded up seven aphrodisiacs with scientific backing that are sure to set the right mood for a romantic Valentine's Day.

Oysters: Perhaps the most famous aphrodisiac are oysters, which are rich in zinc. The notion that oysters are an aphrodisiac dates back to the 18th-century, when Giacomo Casanova would consume dozens of oysters to spike his arousal. There's also science to back it up: American and Italian researchers found that oysters have a rare amino acids (D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate) that triggers a spike in sex hormones.

Avocado: The pear shaped fruit was considered to be an aphrodisiac by Aztecs, as the fruit hangs from trees in pairs, similar to testicles. There could be some science behind this notion, as the fruit has high levels of vitamin E which helps keep your energy level high.

Chili Peppers: If you have a penchant for spicy food, then know that chili peppers are an aphrodisiac since they mimic the feelings of arousal by stimulating endorphins (the feel good chemicals in your brain), speeding up your heart rate, and making you sweat.

Honey: Bees create honey through their process of procreation, which adds a sexiness quota in itself, but it also contains boron, a chemical element that regulates hormone levels and boosts your energy naturally.

Cofee: Listen up--coffee puts you in the mood for sex! A study published in the journal Pharmocology, Biochemistry, and Behavior found that the caffeine found in coffee stimulates your heart rate and makes your blood flow.

Arugula: While arugula doesn't sound like a likely aphrodisiac, its abilities have reportedly been noted since the first century A.D. The leafy vegetable has minerals and antioxidants that block contaminants that would harm your libido.

Olive Oil: The Greeks have long believed that olive oil is great for your libido, as it stimulates hormone production. Filled with antioxidants, the oil has many other health benefits including heart health, good blood flow and a rich source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Pine nuts: Though these little nuts are expensive, it may be worth the high price for their aphrodisiac abilities. These nuts are high in energizing zinc, which has been linked to a healthy sex drive. Additionally, The Doctors claim that when combined with olive oil (another aphrodisiac) and basil (a delicious herb) to make pesto, pine nuts can aide in maintaining your sex drive.

Chocolate: Well that’s certainly an easy one to manage, considering the amount of chocolate that is exchanged on Valentine’s Day. This sweet treat is sensual in both aroma and taste, however, to really get the blood flowing try sharing a piece of dark chocolate with your valentine. Dark chocolate has also been shown to cause a spike in dopamine, which induces feelings of pleasure.

Bananas: Unsurprisingly due to their phallic shape, bananas can aid males during intercourse. The fruit contains bromelain, an enzyme which Dr. Oz says triggers testosterone production, and the fruit's potassium and vitamin B elevate energy levels.

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