Valentine's Day Treats: 6 Luscious Recipes For The Chocolate Lovers In Your Life

There's no better time to indulge and treat your loved ones with smooth, luscious chocolate desserts! Shutterstock/matka_Wariatka

Valentine’s Day isn’t just the most romantic day of the year, just like other holidays, it brings the perfect excuse to indulge with our favorite sweet treats. It’s not like you’re going to pass on this opportunity, and for this reason we compiled the sweetest, most luscious chocolate recipes to make for your loved ones on this special holiday. Not only will the homemade desserts have more meaning if you make them, but it’s your chance to let the pastry chef within you shine!

Martha Stewart’s Brownie Hearts: If you’re going to make brownies, you’re going to make the best brownies! And to add a special touch, you just have to use a heart-shaped cookie cutter in the end. Sweet!

Comida Kraft’s Chocolate Covered Polvorones: These combine two of our favorite ingredients: chocolate and almonds, who also happen to go amazingly well together. You can’t go wrong with these!

Epicurious’ Melty-Chocolate Truffle Cookies: Although these sound very elaborate, the trick, after completing all the first steps is to slightly undercook the cookies so you end up with an ooey-gooey delicious treat. Try them here!

Real Simple’s Chocolate Soufflé: The word soufflé might sound daunting, but fear not; with this simple recipe you will not only wow your significant other, you will feel like an accomplished pastry chef when you taste it. Check them out!

BHG’s Sweet and Spicy Brownie Bites: Spice up your date night with these brownies. Adding a kick with ancho chile and ginger will make these chocolaty treats stand out from the rest. Get the recipe here.

Jacque Torres’ Chocolate Truffles: You’ve probably always thought of this luxurious treat as something you buy in a store; but you’ll be pleasantly surprised you can make them yourself, and the best part… you can pick and choose the toppings! Try them out here.

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