A man from Washington was arrested and charged with over 137 counts of voyeurism after it was found that he put a video camera in the female bathroom of a high school that he was working in, reportedly doing so since 2013.

James Mattson, a 38-year-old man from Vancouver, Washington, worked as a substitute custodian at Alki Middle School in 2007 before he became a building operator and assistant flag football coach in a different school, according to Fox 12.

Mattson reportedly inserted a security camera in the female staff’s bathrooms in Skyview High School and had been videotaping the room since 2013. His girlfriend reportedly discovered the clips and confronted him about it later, Mirror reported. “It’s not sexual. I don’t do anything with them. It’s about having them,” he reportedly said. Mattson, after the discovery of the videos by his girlfriend, reportedly surrendered himself to authorities willingly the next day.

Local authorities seized Mattson’s computer and found over 137 videos dating back to 2013 of women in the bathroom and changing room, though they have been quiet about the kind of footage that Mattson had on his drive. They have also been attempting to identify the victims of Mattson’s camera. “As has been previously stated, these types of investigations involving digital forensics are complex,” the Clark County Sheriff’s Office said. “They require time to process the type and amount of evidence involved.”

The Vancouver School District in Washington state made a statement regarding Mattson and the camera found, saying that they searched all the locker rooms and bathrooms of the district and found no other hidden cameras in the area. “Our students and staff and their safety are at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to support our young people and staff by making counselors available, and fully cooperating with the law enforcement investigation,” they said in a statement.

Mattson is currently being held on a $500,000 bond, and the investigation is still considered active.

Camera Voyeur Washington Rep. Picture
A man working in the custodial staff of a school district was arrested and charged with 137 counts of voyeurism after it was found that he put a video camera in the female bathrooms of a high school. This is a representational image. Niv Singer/Unsplash.