Jenni Rivera star Hollywood Walk of Fame
Courtesy Jenni Rivera Enterprises

The Hollywood Walk of Fame announced that an investigation is underway to find out who vandalized the newly minted Jenni Rivera's star in Los Angeles. The children of Jenni Rivera and her community of fans are outraged after the star was almost entirely covered in black, seemingly with spray paint, sparking a wave of indignation.

The official Hollywood Walk of Fame account shared the news of the attack via social media. "This morning, fans reported that Jenni Rivera's star has been vandalized. This is unacceptable! We've dispatched our terrazzo star maker, Vince, to repair it. Thank you to the fans who tried to clean the star and reported the incident. Remember, there are cameras everywhere!" stated the organization.

Jenni Rivera's star was painted black

In the shared video, several passersby can be seen attempting to clean the star with liquid and a cloth, demonstrating the love and respect Rivera's followers still hold for her memory. However, the extent of the damage made immediate cleaning ineffective.

Chiquis, Jenni's daughter, took a break from her honeymoon to express her shock and sadness about the incident.

"I can't believe this. Thank you to my mom's fans who took the time to help clean it. Shame on the person or people who did this," she commented in a brief but heartfelt message on social media.

Reactions poured in quickly, with followers expressing their pain and anger over the act of vandalism. "I can't believe someone would do something like this. What's wrong with people these days?" "This is heartbreaking! Whether intentional or not, it's devastating. Chiquis was celebrating the best day of her life, and now she sees this." "Some people have no respect" are just a few of the responses that flooded the posts.

Chiquis and her longtime boyfriend Emilio Sánchez tied the knot this weekend in Las Vegas in an intimate ceremony in front of family and friends.

The unveiling of Jenni's star

This incident starkly contrasts with the emotional ceremony held last week when the Rivera family and a multitude of admirers celebrated the unveiling of Jenni's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was a moment of recognition and tribute to the career of the "Inolvidable" singer, who left an indelible mark on regional Mexican music and in the hearts of her fans.

Hollywood Walk of Fame authorities assure that measures will be taken to identify and penalize those responsible for the damage.

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