Vanessa Huppenkothen is one of the most recognizable women in sportscasting having risen to fame as part of the Televisa Deportes team. Now, the blonde beauty works for ESPN in Mexico and is talking about her experience with her former employer. "I did thinks that I should've have and I regret it," she said during an interview on Adela Micha's "La Saga". "For example, the bets where you had to appear in bikini and well, I think they used you as an object and the truth is that you're not. I wanted to show that I had knowledge and I knew about sports."

"I wasn't comfortable anymore and I left Televisa," the "Sports Central" host said. "There were a couple of networks that seeked me out, but it had always been my dream to work at ESPN, the sports mecca. I know about sports, I love them, I'm passionate about them, I study them, I read about them." Huppenkothen also said that her former boss, Javier Alarcón (who was also fired from Televisa), had a terrible personality. "Sometimes I wanted to go into his office and complain about a lot of things and he's one of those people that make you feel small, you couldn't say anything, he has a hard personality and in the end I was the one being scolded," she revealed. See the complete interview below and tell us what you think!

Vanessa Huppenkothen's weight has been the center of controversy as some claim she looks too thin. A tabloid magazine claimed she lost a job at Televisa because she was experiencing bulimia. The source claimed that she was a size 3, but was obsessed to go down to a size 0. This pressure made Vanessa vomit and put her life in jeopardy to continue looking the way she believes is beautiful. Although the Mexican beauty said she left the show, the publication says she was actually fired. Days later Huppenkothen replied saying: "Arrhythmia and tachycardia, part of a thyroid shock has made it impossible for me to continue on 'De Volada,' I am grateful and wish the best to the production."

Vanessa is active on social media and shares with her followers everything that is going on in her life. Recently she shared a photo where you can clearly see her marked abs.

Back in 2016 Vanessa was let go from her job at Televisa Deportes during a shakeup at the network. There was never an official reason as to why she parted ways from the network that made her a household name, but it didn't take long before she found a new job and this time at ESPN México. In July 2017, Huppenkothen celebrated her first anniversary at the sports network.

"A year ago today I arrived to the place where any sports lover would dream of being", she wrote on Instagram. "I have learned a lot and I give thanks ... to the wonderful people and beautiful production, camera operators, makeup, security ... thank you José Ramón for your difficult but warm welcome. Thank you to all the public that watch Sports Center every day. Thank y0u to everyone that supported me from the start. Thank you to everyone that doubted my capabilities, for your criticism; they have helped me overcome difficult obstacles every day and prepare me to fight for my dreams. Today I feel happy with what I have accomplished and I'm conscious of the work and dedication. Thank you to my family. Thank you to my friends for all your warm wishes. Thank you ESPN."